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بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ


Parking: Please park in the designated parking areas of the school only. Do not park near entrance or exit or in fire lanes. Do not double park around the school. Vehicles not following parking rules may be subject to fine.

Last Day of Classes for 2016:

East – Dec 21, 2016

West & After-Abraar – December 22, 2016

December’s Pizza Night Postponed

Waiting List is now open for Part-Time Al-Furqan School. Enroll online to reserve a spot when it becomes available in the school of your choice.


Refund Policy: There is no refund after the first four weeks of class. In the event a student withdraws in the first four weeks of class, there will be a refund after the registration fees are withheld.


Hiring Quran teachers with certification and experience. Apply directly to the Principal or email us your CV or resume.


Fees Payment:

All fees are due in full at the start of the 2016-17 school year.

Fees are $350/child for East and West, and $500 for After-Abraar. We accept payment through Cheque, or exact cheque.

PayPal payments are temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties.

 Al-Furqan PT Programs Open House Dates:

Sep 6th for After Abraar from 5:00p – 8:00pm @ 70 Fieldrow

Sep 7th for East from 5:00pm  – 8:00pm @ 70 Fieldrow

Sep 8th for West from 5:00pm – 8:00pm @ 70 Fieldrow

The Open House is an opportunity to meet the teachers, get evaluation for new students, pay the fees in exact cash or cheque.


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Al-Furqan Programs

School Calendar


Program Overview

 Overview of Programs (1)


Alfurqan School is an Islamic private school, which aims to provide excellent unique learning experiences in academic and Islamic disciplines, which will help graduate Muslim students capable of demonstrating impeccable Islamic character along with advanced academic skills.  We will pursue the said mission by sincerely seeking the support of Allah, the utilization of advanced curriculum and educational means, and the employment of committed and highly qualified educators.



The integrity of the Alfurqan School Community is built on a set of Core Values:

  • Strong Qur’anic recitation skills for all students
  • Professional excellence
  • An environment of respect and care for all
  • High standards in a school setting

Full-Time Alfurqan Private School

A group of 5 students in 2011 were selected to participate in the trial of full-time Quran memorization with study of the Ontario curriculum, and this is currently the Full-Time program with 30 students.

The Program
An Ontario Private School with Full-
Time Quran Memorization for select students who pass all testing requirements.

Students enter the program in grade 5 and work on their Hifz for three years while studying the Ontario curriculum.

The Full-Time Program offers a rich Ontario Curriculum taught by experienced professional teachers.

Part-Time Programs of Alfurqan School


Founded in October 2003 in Ottawa with 165 students successfully attending the entire year. Currently the Part-Time program runs in three locations in the city: After-Abraar, East, and West with enrollment of 300 students.


In 2016 Alfurqan School part-time programs started teaching with the “Al-nooraniyah” to help students learn tajweed rules in an easier and faster manner.
Our students memorize the last three Juz of the Quran over a period of six years in the evenings.