Welcome to Alfurqan School

With 6 levels, highly qualified teachers, and volunteers, Furqan School aims at teaching its students the Arabic letters, proper pronunciation, and the vowels (accents) of the Arabic language. Students will memorize several chapters from the holy Quran in order to practice the learned material; and there by become equipped with the tools to enable them to memorize the whole Quran

Part-time Programs

In 2016 Alfurqan School part-time programs started teaching with the “Al-nooraniyah” to help students learn tajweed rules in an easier and faster manner. Our students memorize the last three Juz of the Quran over a period of six years in the evenings.

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Full-time Programs

An Ontario Private School with Full- Time Quran Memorization for select students who pass all testing requirements. Students enter the program in grade 5 and work on their Hifz for three years while studying the Ontario curriculum. The Full-Time Program offers a rich Ontario Curriculum taught by experienced professional teachers.

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