Allah has made reciting the Qur’an an act of worship and made those who learn it and teach it the best among people. It is generally observed, that memorization is most effective when carried out at a young age. The first step in memorizing the Quran after that of Ikhlaas is the obligation of correcting the pronunciation of the Quran. This does not occur except by listening to a good reciter or a precise memorizer of the Quran. The Quran is not learned except by acquiring it (from another). Thus, the Messenger (sas) who is the most eloquent of the Arabs in speech, took it from Jibreel (as) orally. The Messenger (sas) himself used to recite the Quran to Jibreel once in every year and in the year that he died he recited it to him twice. [Reported by Bukhaaree] Likewise, the Messenger taught it to the Companions (ra) orally and those who came after them heard it from the Companions and so on for each generation after them. Taking the Quran from a good reciter is obligatory. Likewise, correcting ones recitation firstly and not depending on oneself in its recitation even if one is knowledgeable of the Arabic language and of its principles, is also obligatory. This is because in the Quran there are many verses, which occur in a way that is opposed to what is well known in the rules of the Arabic language. At Alfurqan, it is our mission to teach young children Qur’an memorisation, to preserve our Holy Book, and give each student a solid foundation in the rules of recitation. We aim to provide this teaching in a professional, nurturing, caring school environment. We aim to build up these skills of recitation and memorization in a step wise process that takes into account the student ability to learn at different ages. When the kid first starts the school, we start by teaching him the Arabic letters, the proper pronunciation, and the vowels (accents) of the Arabic language. The is the foundation block. After students complete this level, they will be able to read and pronounce the Arabic letters professionally, which will prepare them to learn how to read from the Mushaf, and hence memorize the Holy Qur’an. Our teachers are highly qualified, diligent and fully equipped with the knowledge of the holy Qur’an.. Curriculum as of 2016 is  based on Al-Nooraniya, originally started by Sheikh Noor Mohammad Haqqani established a curriculum for teaching the Quran and opened schools for girls in India. luminousrule