About Us

Motivated by the great reward for teaching Quran and driven by the Muslim community’s need to teach their children Quran recitation and memorization, Alfurqan School was established in Ottawa on September 2003.

The Institution

Alfurqan School as an institution was initiated by the Muslim Association of Canada(MAC), a non-for-profit charitable organization.

The People

MAC had appointed a board of directors to manage and plan the school operations and activities. The school teaching staff is a team of qualified teachers in Quran recitation science.


Director: Houcine Cherif

Principal – Weekdays AlFurqan: Khaled Masoud

Principal – Full Time AlFurqan Private School and Hifz Program: Dr. Aisha Sherazi

Admin Coordinator Al Furqan Programs: Sister Farah Amir

VP West After Abraar Program: Sister Naida Rashad

VP East AlFurqan Program: Brother Muse Farah

The Environment

Alfurqan School delivers Quran education in formal academic environment. This is characterized by:

  • Classroom management
  • Performance evaluation and follow-up through Report Cards
  • Principal and administrative staff to supervise school operation

The Integrity

Alfurqan School Community is built on a set of Core Values:

  • Strong Qur’anic recitation skills for all students
  • Professional excellence
  • An environment of respect and care for all
  • High standards in a school setting