FT Registration

Assalam Aleikom Dearest Grade 4 Parents and Guardians,

Al-Furqan School is pleased to announce the opening of “Intention to Register” applications for the Grade 5 Full Time Quran Memorization and Ontario Curriculum program for the 2016 - 2017 school year Insha Allah. Program Description The program offers 3 hours of Quran memorization daily, with 4 hours of regular schooling based on the Ontario curriculum.  Our first graduating class are now thriving in high school MashaAllah. Admission Criteria: Is your child suited for this rigorous program? This is a highly competitive program with limited spots. All students must meet the admission criteria listed below: 1. Have an A grade average in their academic studies. 2. Have a strong interest in learning and memorizing the entire Quran 3. Have a strong footing in Quran tajweed and reading 4. Enrolled in and successfully completing Al-Furqan Program in East, West, or After-Abraar locations 5. Successfully complete the Student Suitability Assessment with the program administration and qualified teachers. Additionally, all parents or guardians must agree to the following terms: 1. Provide daily support for their child to complete all required homework 2. Providing a structured and calm environment to help their child achieve their daily memorization and academic goals.
  1. Payment of fees for the current academic year at $550/month paid at the start of each month and a resource fee of $350. Fees are subject to change.

Application Process - How to Apply:


Please fill in the form below and submit it before the deadline of Friday, FEBRUARY 12th, 2016.

Apply Online: http://tinyurl.com/ftfurqanintention2016


Applicants will be contacted via email to submit copies of their child's report cards for the current and past two years.   Academic Report Cards will go to Al-Furqan School at 2825 Dumaurier Ave – 2nd Floor  c/o administrator Sr. Assia Elmuradi.


Perspective applicants will be tested on their ability to memorize Quran, read while applying the rules of tajweed, and their ability to concentrate/ follow instruction during teaching.  This test will not be rescheduled and attendance is mandatory.


Al-Furqan Admin will e-mail parents outlining results, detailing the next steps. Please note, only those students who are successful in completing Steps 1-3 will be asked to register officially in March InshaAllah.

For questions or concerns, please e-mail alfurqanft@gmail.com

Our program may not be the ‘right fit’ for every student.  If you want your child to be a hafiz-al-Quran and they have expressed an interest or passion for becoming one; if you believe in the potential of your child, are willing to work very hard with him/ her and support the school in all our efforts, we welcome your application.


In Peace,



Dr. Aisha Sherazi

Al-Furqan School Principal